Agnes Lister Hartopp (1630-67)

Lister’s Half-Sister

Mentions in Pocketbook: My correspondence

Martin Lister’s half-sister Agnes Lister (1630-1667) was married to Sir William Hartopp (d. ca. 1700), M.P. of Rotherby, Leicestershire.

Agnes Lister Hartopp was the daughter of Sir Martin Lister (Lister’s father) and Mary Wenman, his first wife. We can read of her death by metastatic carcinoma in the 1667 letter of her daughter Dorothy Hartopp to Martin Lister.

There is also one letter extant from Agnes’ daughter (also named Agnes) to Lister, urging him to keep an appointment in Bloomsbury.  In September 1703, Agnes Hartopp (d. 1730) would go on to marry William Talbot, Bishop of Durham.

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