Les Guerres d’Alexandre par Arrian

Nicolas Perrot d’Ablancourt, Paris, 1646 (Google Books)

In early October 1664, Lister noted that he had read: ‘Arrian’s Life of Alexande by d’Ablanc’.

This was d’Albancourt’s (1606-1684) translation of the hagiography and biography of Alexander the Great by Arrian of Nicomedia (86-160 A.D.) Although the work is fulsome in its praise of Alexander’s achievements, it is considered one of the best in analyzing his campaigns. Arrian had extensive experience as a military commander.

D’Ablancourt was a member of the Académie française and a French translator of a variety of works from antiquity, such as Caesar’s Commentaries, Lucian’s works, and Thucydides’ account of the Peloponnesian War.

Much of his work focused upon literary theory and aesthetics, his translations for some considered a model of French prose, and for others too full of inaccuracies: belles infidèles.  1.

  1. ‘Nicolas Perrot d’Ablancourt’,  in Encyclopedie Larousse.

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