Edition of Dioscorides by Amato Lusitano

Dioscorides and Amato Lusitano, Venice, 1557; Leyden, 1558 (Google Books)

In February 1664/5, Lister continued his reading of Dioscorides, noting he read “Amatus Lusitanus in Dioscoridem.” 

João Rodrigues de Castelo Branco, better known as Amato Lusitano (1511-1568) was a notable Portuguese Jewish physician who did pioneering work in blood circulation.  

He practised in “Portugal, Spain, Holland, Greece (then part of the Ottoman Empire) and the Ragusan Republic (Dubrovacka Republika),” and delivered lectures on medicinal plants and was professor of anatomy at Ferrara University [1. Marija-Ana Dürrigl and Stella Fatovic-Ferencic, "The Medical Practice of Amatus Lusitanus in Dubrovnik (1556-1558): a short reminder on the 445th anniversary of his arrival," Acta Médica Portuguesa 15 (2002), 37-40, on 37].

Lusitano also wrote a renowned collection of 700  histories that went through several editions:   Curationum medicinalium centuriae septem, as well as indexes and commentaries on Eutropius and Dioscorides.


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