Folio 217


à Montpelier

December 1664

I \alone/waited upon Sr. Th: Cru[1] alone a third time \twixt a 11and 12/ having been the two first in company with M. King.[2]  The Visite was unluckily upon my Salute, which made it remarkable to me; for Sr. Th. great kindnesse in accepting me made me take noe heed at all to his retreat for which happened very unluckily to be under a point of a false window (which because they be large in this Coun\trey/ come far into the Chamber) where he receaved a broade knock upon the backe part of his head. The mischeife \still/ was that Sr Th. had a constant indisposition and paine in that part and was but some few dayes come from Ballorac,[3] where he dranke and washed his head in those waters and had received a considerable amendment and benefit by them which was \to be/ the subject

Folio 217 verso

of my compliment. And Sr. Th. Excellent \good/ nature and galantrie had not saved my credit, I should have expected a rude Entretien thereupon.  I expressed my greate \sorrow/ and tooke the misfortune to my selfe, in as passionate a manner as I could, after soe great a surprisall; for I had all the circumstances in my mind at that \very/ instant. Sr. Tho. expressed shewed more griefe than passion and was really more troubled for what had befallen him, than at the manner how it came. The woordes that \fell/ came from him wittnesse as much, passing out at the Antichamber into his Bed-Chamber he lett fall witnesse as much, for lamenting his happ, I have \saith he/ enough for all day.  The subject of our Entretien was engaging and I pressd Sr Th. to \some height of/ earnest witte thereupon; which did the feat I intended; for having once his mind soundly bent, he quickly forgot the greife of his mishapp body and I parted below-stares


[1] Sir Thomas Crew (later Second Baron Crew of Stene 1679–97).

[2] There are letters from one ‘R. King’ to Lister, but the identity of the writer is unknown.

[3] Balaruc-les-Bains, known for its hot springs; is situated on the Étang de Thau, a saltwater lagoon separated from the Mediterranean beaches by a narrow strip of land.   It is twenty miles to the southwest of Montpellier.

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