De Atramentis

Pietro Maria Canepario de Crema, Venice, 1598 (Google Books)

In November 1664, Lister noted that he had read: ‘Caneparios de Atramentis’.

The work on inks and about the chymistry of iron and iron pyrites was reprinted in England as De Atramentis Cuiscunque Generis in 1642 and 1660. Pietro Maria Canepario was a physician and philosopher of Crema who practiced medicine at Venice.  Lister later donated a 1660 edition of this work to Oxford; from the nature of the marginalia, it is quite probable this was the very book that he read as a student in Montpellier.  The gallery below gives an indication of his extensive note taking. 1

Lister would later develop a complex theory about iron chymistry, magnets, and the formation of fossils and gallstone which involved iron pyrites.

  1. Pietro Maria Campari, De Atramentis, © The Bodleian Library, University of Oxford, Shelfmark Lister C45, endpapers.

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