Aristippe, ou de la Cour

Jean-Louis Guez de Balzac, Paris, 1658 (Google Books, 1669)

Lister read this posthumous work by Balzac  in February 1664/5.

Balzac dedicated the work to Christina, Queen of Sweden, and in it, he discussed the duties of royalty and ministerial persons, including an analysis of Machiavellianism and political and moral philosophy.  There are several allusions to Cardinal Richelieu within the Aristippe, and in his reflections, Balzac heavily relied on the works of the ancients. 1


  1. Christian Jouhaud and Hélène Merlin, ‘Aristippe ou les equivoques de la publication’, Ordre et contestation au temps des classiques, vol. 2 (Paris and Seattle: Tübingen, 1992), 155-178.

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