Pharmacopeia medico-chymica

Johann Schröder, Ulm, 1641 (Google Books, 1665)

Lister read this work in March 1665, and it was a standard pharmacological text with several editions, also published with notes by F. Hoffman as Clavis pharamceutica (Halle, 1675) and in Geneva in 1684. In addition to the Latin editions, there were versions in Latin and in English (The Compleat Chymical Dispensatory, in Five Books, trans. W. Rowland (London, 1669).

Schröder (1600-64) was a German physician who served as a surgeon to the Swedish armies and as the town physician of Frankfurt.  Book IV of his work contains an extensive Phytologia, an index of plants and their uses, which may have been of interest to Lister in his own simpling expeditions with John Ray. Charles Raven has noted that John Ray was heavily indebted to Schröder for his medical notes on plants in his own botanical Cambridge Catalogue 1.

Lister later donated a 1641 edition to Oxford.

  1. Charles Raven, John Ray: Naturalist (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1986), 157

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