Folio 227

Folio 227 recto

The greatest wonder I have observed abroad was the \strange/ forewardness of my Lord Clinton[1] who at 16 is a much a man, as any I ever saw any at age. he had all the markes of a noble and generous spirit. a great witt, a free and galant air I doubt not but brave in his person, when ever he shall have \an honorable/ occasion to shew it.

If those that doe theyr Countrey \much/ honour abroad, I had the happinesse to be wittnesse \know/ the Lord of Ailesbury, and my Lady Roberts[2] \as residing in the same Cittie with them/ I am witnesse that they were never the Subject of an Entertein[3] amongst the French \when I assisted/ but they did admire the English nation for their Sakes. the Marquise de Castres[4] did take (a woman person inferiour to none of her sexe for beauty, witt and breeding),  was \still/ wonderfully pleased when ever she had opportunity to discours upon the latter. Sir Tho. Cru assured me that shee \did/ not cease to praise her the half houre together \in/ a numerous assembly of galant persons.


[1] Edward Clinton (c. 1650-1692), who would become the 5th Earl of Lincoln.

[2] Letitia Isabella (1630-1714), wife of John Lord Roberts, afterwards Earl of Radnor.

[3] Entretien.

[4] Élisabeth de Bonzi (1628-1708), Marquise de Castries, and wife of the governor of Montpellier.

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