Histoire des Amours de Henri IV

Princesse Louise-Marguerite de Lorraine Conti, Paris, 1652 (Google Books)

In December 1664, Lister read the history of the loves of Henri IV.

Louise Marguerite de Lorraine (1588-1631) was the daughter of the duke Henri de Guise and of Catharine of Cleves.  She was rumoured to have been the mistress of King Henri IV and married the Prince de Conti in 1605.  She was the author of  Les adventures de la cour de Perse (Paris, 1629), reworked as the Histoire des amours du grand Alcandre (Henry IV), published in 1652. In the work, a fictional account of the love life of the French court, she figured under the name of Milagarde.

In the salon he attended with Sir Thomas Crew, Lister discussed the letters of Henri IV to and from his mistresses, copying extracts of them to remember and perhaps to emulate.

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