Versailles, Paris

France (Wikipedia)

Lister did not mention Versailles in his memoirs or pocketbook, but his travelling companion Philip Skippon described it in some detail:

. . . thence we came to Versailles, a pretty pleasure-house buildt by monsieur Foucquet.  Here rare birds and other animals are kept, but the Concierge would not let us see them, or the rooms of the house, because we had no ticket from monsieur.  In the rooms they say are cabinets and looking-glasses, etc. curiously adorned with silver fillagree work.  Here I saw Lewis XIV. and his queen, attended by a foot company of Swiss, armed with back, breast and head-piece, a company of Swiss, with halberds, and a company of French foot, besides his guard in livery on horseback, armed with carbines.  The king hath also a guard of younger brothers, who serve him voluntarily, and wear whitish coats with silver lace; they carry muskets.  Out of these the king oftentimes chooses his officers.


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